Over 820 Abstracts have been submitted for ILTS 2019



  • Acute Liver Failure
  • Anesthesia / Critical Care Medicine
  • Basic Science / Translational Research
  • Comorbidities and Complications
  • Donation after Cardiac Death
  • Donor Selection Criteria / Patient Selection / Organ Allocation
  • Immunosuppression and Tolerance Induction
  • Living Donor
  • Machine Perfusion
  • Malignancies
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology / Interventional Radiology / Molecular Imaging
  • Short and Long-Term Patient and Allograft Outcomes
  • Viral Hepatitis / Alcoholic Liver Diseases / NASH / NAFLD
  • 16 Surgical Videos for Technical Innovation


Accepted abstracts will be published after the conference on the ILTS Onsite Congress Resource Platform (accessible for delegates and members of ILTS only).


Assistance and Contact

For any questions about your submitted abstract please contact the Scientific Secretariat at: ilts2019abstracts@kit-group.org


Ethical Statement

The ILTS is an international society of transplant professionals and we support the international standards of informed, uncoerced, consent of organ donors and prohibitions on trafficking of organ donors for profit.
Authors should verify that presented research studies do not involve the use of material from executed prisoners or material from recipients of organs or tissues of executed prisoners.x