Media & Press

Press who wish to request press passes should contact the ILTS 2019 Registration Department:

Amanda Hintz

There is no registration fee for accredited media representatives. However, to register as a media representative, you must submit a copy of your official press card or a commissioning letter of the editor (in English).
Requested passes are subject to final approval at the discretion of the ILTS Congress Staff.  


Press Passes

Press passes are issued to individuals representing a recognized news organization, including freelancers who contribute to such organizations.

Individuals involved with public relations, marketing, sales, circulation, advertising, or any other non-editorial function are not eligible for press passes.

For members of the press who are also exhibiting at the meeting, press credentials may only be worn during official press duties; otherwise, exhibitor credentials must be worn.

The ILTS Congress reserves the right to inspect the credentials of anyone requesting a press pass, and to refuse to issue a press pass.

Generally, no more than five representatives per organization are issued credentials.

The ILTS Congress does not make public any list of press attendees or their affiliations.