Plenary Abstract Session / Concurrent Oral Abstract Session

Abstracts accepted for oral presentation will present their abstracts followed by a discussion.



Surgical Video Session

Video abstracts accepted for a surgical video presentation give a video presentation followed by discussion.



Featured Symposia

A featured symposium is moderated by two chairpersons, with four/five invited speakers per session delivering a presentation.



Rising Star Symposium

The Program Planning Committee will award young investigator/mentor teams, and the winning teams will each give a joint 30-minute presentation.

The mentor will present background information on the topic. The objective of the mentor’s presentation is to educate the Congress attendees on the importance and relevance of the work to be presented.

The young investigator will follow with a presentation of the data submitted in the abstract. A discussion will follow.




Grand Round Case Presentations/ Vanguard Debate Session/Vanguard Surgical Video Session:
These sessions will involve presentations of interesting or difficult cases by a Vanguard Committee member to a senior ILTS participant.
After comments from the senior member, the audience is encouraged to participate in a lively and informal open discussion.



Pre-meeting Symposium on Transplant Oncology

Transplant oncology is a new concept encompassing multiple disciplines of transplantation medicine and oncology to take hepatobiliary cancer treatment and research to the next level. As a follow-up to the Consensus Conference in February 2019, which convened international liver transplant oncology experts, this Pre-meeting Symposium will explore the future perspectives of multidisciplinary management in this fast-changing field.

The symposium will focus on the 4 E’s:

  • Evolution of multidisciplinary cancer care
  • Extension of the limits of conventional surgical oncology
  • Elucidation of tumor and transplant immunology
  • Exploration of carcinogenesis through immunogenomics



Workshop: Organ Perfusion Workshop

The first ILTS Perfusion machines Workshop will bring together industry, experts and clinical specialists involved in liver transplant in order to cover the existing technology available today in liver preservation and perfusion. The workshop will offer to the industry, the opportunity to present to a targeted audience their technology, and confront with the clinical experience of the audience. All the companies present will be given the opportunity to explain and demonstrate their technology. Participants will have the chance to experiment the machines for a better understanding.
Format: 20 minutes Hands-On sessions of 5 to 8 participants per group for a total of 100 participants expected.



Workshop: Perioperative Echocardiography for Liver Transplantation

Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) and Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) are useful evaluation and monitoring tools for enhancing the perioperative care of patients undergoing liver transplantation. Their use enables rapid evaluation of volume status and cardiac function. Visualization of the heart utilizing echocardiography allows practitioners to dynamically detect conditions to aid preoperative optimization, intraoperative management and postoperative care of these complex patients.
Participants will get a hands-on introduction to using a TEE/TTE simulator and learn how to obtain the basic perioperative echocardiographic views. The focus will be on 2 dimensional imaging and M-mode measurements to assess conditions commonly encountered before, during, and after liver transplantation such as hypovolemia, acute right and left heart failure, and intracardiac thrombosis.




Use of Scientific Program Content

Please be aware that the information and materials displayed and/or presented at all sessions of this meeting are the property of the International Liver Transplantation Society (ILTS) and/or the presenter and cannot be photographed, copied, photocopied, transferred to electronic formats, reproduced or distributed without the written permission of the ILTS and/or the presenter.

Use of the ILTS International Congress name and/or logo in any fashion by any commercial entity for any purpose is expressly prohibited without the express written permission of the ILTS.